The Padelletti family is one of the oldest of the town of Montalcino. Since time immemorial, members of the family have been doctors, lawyers,engineers, and University professors, far from Montalcino and often from Italy. But they never forgot their roots in Montalcino because at least one member of the family always came back to Montalcino to take care of their land and to share fluctuating fortunes of the city. The Padelletti family have been personally involved in the military and strategic defence of the city since the 13th century. They have always taken part in the city's economic life and have always played part in developping the social fabric. The Padelletti family have always loved and respected the traditions of the city and its territory. Whilst at the same time not missing the opportunity to bring back from their long sojourns abroad modern and progressive ideas that could improve the quality of life and of agricultural production without, however, damaging its foundation and its uniqueness.